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Y39 “Lot’s Wife”

“…This excellent Yankee was built circa 1953 by John Linderman and Jack Earhorn, designed for Lester rock, who owns rock Boatyard in Alemedia, CA. it was the 4th Yankee built by both of these master boatwrights, and given that it ended up being commissioned because of the dog owner for the boatyard for their personal usage, the quality materials that are highest were utilized (unlike Y36 Venture, which Linderman constructed with boatyard scrap product in 1949).

Y39 was originally known as Yankee Doodle, additionally the watercraft raced weekly for many years within the san francisco bay area Bay. Then within the 1980’s it absolutely was delivered to Seattle along with Y36 Venture and Y38 Clipper in an attempt to expand the Pacific Northwest fleet. Fifteen years later on, Y39 left Seattle for a truck amid rumours of a restoration that is massive. The boat’s owner that is current in the gaps with its fascinating history:

Y39 moored at Martha’s Vineyard, June 2013

Y39 History, as told by David Worth

We purchased Y39 from Lang Washburn’s property. Lang died at 92 and kept this specific Yankee in the Vineyard where he previously a summer time house. He previously a little inboard engine set up so he could maneuver to their slide. I’d the engine eliminated.

Lang had been hitched three times and something of his spouses had a summer time house on Nantucket, which can be where he bought their very very first Yankee, Y33 Lot’s Wife. Since you may understand the YOD fleet had been fairly robust at once in the area and there are numerous old timers (much less old timers) who owned YODs and/or crewed on a single throughout the Saturday buoy rushing at Nantucket Yacht Club.

Well, Lang shifted to some other life with an other woman and left Nantucket, and Y33 Lot’s Wife passed away from their arms. Several years later – as he began visiting the Vineyard – he sought after who owns the initial Lot’s Wife in an endeavor to get her back. That owner didn’t wish to sell her as he thought he’d finish a renovation himself. We come by this knowledge by phone and he recalled someone calling him about buying the boat as I hunted down the then owner of Y33 Lot’s Wife, spoke with him.

Since far it back into the water and various parts were offered to other YOD owners as I know the original Lot’s Wife (Y33) never made.

The next area of the tale originates from the ship garden owner whom helped Lang procure Y39 Yankee Doodle

Lang, desirous of procuring a YOD, found one in the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. He purchased it and had it shipped back east (it absolutely was just once I purchased the ship and discovered life coats and fenders with Yankee Doodle had been we in a position to make the linkage back again to the initial ship). In accordance with the watercraft yard owner whom assisted Lang purchase the motorboat, it had been placed on a flatbed vehicle and driven back east uncovered. Well, when it landed in the Vineyard the watercraft had been completely dry out. Notably reluctantly, Lang consented to a fairly rebuild that is total of ship that has been finished around 1998-2000 period of time.

Lang then had Y39 renamed Lot’s Wife, satisfying a longtime desire, based on their child, to have back “Lot’s Wife.”

Therefore, that is the history when I understand it. We have actually possessed a summer time home on Nantucket for the true period of time and have always been now semi-retired. We haven’t had the watercraft when you look at the water for a few years – long story – but she’s got been from the Vineyard and well looked after.